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Rose Quartz






Love, Healing, Unity

History & Lore

Rose Quartz has been found in present-day Iraq, believed to come from the ancient Mesopotamian civilization dating back to 7000 BC. Tibetan and Chinese cultures have also historically revered the stone. In fact, its association with love has been dated back to 600 BC. Egyptians believed the Rose Quartz could even prevent aging. Rose quartz face masks have even been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

Qualities & Uses

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is a gentle, yet extremely powerful stone for releasing unexpressed hurt, anger, sadness, and heartache. We must first soothe internalized pain and dissolve anger and resentment, before reconnecting with the essence of love. Rose Quartz brings deep emotional healing to ourselves and our relationships, though releasing old patterns that keep us stuck. It turns the heart toward love and bathes body, mind, and spirit in a healing and enlightening frequency. When we connect with the frequency of love, which is the essence of all, we open our hearts to be receptive of love, joy, and true contentment.


Cupid is named after the god of desire, love, attraction, and affection.


I am worthy and deserving of love, comfort, support, and abundance. When I give myself these gifts, they are reflected back to me tenfold.


Crystals fare best when they have a consistent opportunity to rest and re-energize in a process called “regeneration”. Use your intuition to choose the process and timing that most resonates with your relationship with Cupid. We do suggest to keep it alive at least during the change of seasons.

Elements bath - Moonlight frequencies amplify the natural vibrations of Crystals. Fresh water can transfer energies that need to be released. Soil allows minerals to recalibrate to the vibration of the Earth. Submerge your Crystal under your chosen element - whether it be a few minutes or even a full moon cycle. Please do not leave Citrine in the sun for extended periods of time, as sun bleaching can occur.

Crystalline bath - Crystals can regenerate by being placed on other Crystals such as Kyanite or natural Citrine for 24 hours.

Breath/Meditation bath - Intentional breathing through meditation or any healing art is another restorative technique. As you breathe, imagine a ray of light passing through your Crystal, collecting what is no longer needed, and moving it back into the divine Universe.

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