Personally prepared for Alex Morris



Tourmalinated Quartz


All, but especially Root


Air, Earth


Grounded Expansion, Clearing, Amplifying

History & Lore

Tourmalinated Quartz consists of Clear Quartz with Black Tourmaline rutiles. Tourmalinated Quartz tools have been discovered in Ethiopia dating back to over 2 million years ago. Clear Quartz has been used throughout history by many ancient cultures as a source of sacred power. Tourmalinated Quartz is widely regarded for its healing and regenerative effect on the mind, body, and spirit.

Qualities & Uses

Tourmaline is known for its grounding, purifying, and protective properties. Clear Quartz is a powerful amplifier of energy and intentions. The properties of Tourmaline and Clear Quartz come together to create the grounding, yet expansive, energy of Tourmalinated Quartz. Tourmalinated Quartz is unique in the powerful cleansing and protecting energy it gives those who work with it. Utilize Tourmalinated Quartz to release negativity and shift to a more positive mindset. Just as black and white merge to create grey, Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz inspire you to find silver linings in life’s more challenging moments. Tourmalinated Quartz offers the grounded support necessary to continue the pursuit of your life’s work, no matter what opposition you face.Tourmalinated Quartz inspires you to find hope, joy, and presence in adversity, and devotion to your soul’s authentic purpose in this life.


Egle is derived from the Old Greek word aigle which means “brightness, splendor.”

Special Message for Alex

Egle is here to provide you with a sense of balance that will help relieve your stress. The Black Tourmaline inclusions will cleanse you of any negative energies so you can keep your own energetic field protected. Once you are grounded in your own energy, the Clear Quartz will help to amplify your connection to your own power. When you are tapped into your own self without distractions, you will be able to trust your intuition to guide you. Egle is excited to take you on this journey to meet your own inner strength, as he clearly sees how amazing you are. Egle also encourages you to tap into your body, mind, and spirit. When you are cleansed of energies that are not your own, you will be able to connect with these entry gates of your being. As you get to know these parts of yourself better, you will be able to receive clear messages that will point you in the right direction. Let Egle also serve as a reminder to find hope, joy, and optimism even in the most difficult times. While it may seem simple, the ability to remain uplifted is a real power that will offer you strength and perseverance as you work to embrace your highest purpose.


When I allow my light to shine, I make the world a better place.


Crystals fare best when they have a consistent opportunity to rest and re-energize in a process called “regeneration”. Use your intuition to choose the process and timing that most resonates with your relationship with Egle.

Elements bath - Moonlight and sunlight frequencies amplify the natural vibrations of Crystals. Fresh water can transfer energies that need to be released. Soil allows minerals to recalibrate to the vibration of the Earth. Submerge your Crystal under your chosen element - whether it be a few minutes or even a full moon cycle.

Crystalline bath - Crystals can regenerate by being placed on other Crystals such as Kyanite or natural Citrine for 24 hours.

Breath/Meditation bath - Intentional breathing through meditation or any healing art is another restorative technique. As you breathe, imagine a ray of light passing through your Crystal, collecting what is no longer needed, and moving it back into the divine Universe.

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