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Citrine Elestial






creativity, confidence, clarity

History & Lore

The name Citrine comes from the French word citron, meaning lemon. It’s been used as a decorative gem for thousands of years, beginning in ancient Greece. In the 17th century, Citrine was used on dagger handles by the Scottish. In the Victorian era, Citrine was widely popular in jewelry and brooches. It has been widely loved and used throughout history.

Qualities & Uses

Citrine is an excellent stone for magnifying self-esteem and confidence. Its powerful, sunny frequency calms fears and clears doubts that cloud our judgment. Like the sun on our shoulders, it eases anxiety and allows us to connect with our highest selves, allowing for clarity, wisdom, and guidance. From this place, our soul is stirred to action, and we receive the motivation necessary to make daily decisions that transform our dreams into reality. When a fire clears a forest, it allows new life to grow. Similarly, the warming and comforting power of Citrine assists us in letting go of what no longer serves us. Citrine inspires us to look towards our future with optimism and vitality, confidently stepping into the life we desire. Elestials are referred to as “Crystals with a mission” because they grow relatively fast in comparison to other types of Crystals. As one of the oldest forms of Quartz on the planet, Elestial Quartz is imbued with the wisdom of our ancestors. The combined properties of Citrine and Elestial Quartz bring a powerful blend of wisdom, insight, confidence, and prosperity to those who work with it.


The name Kellen is derived from the Irish name meaning, “descendant of the bright-headed one”. Kellen is a powerful Crystal for strengthening your focus so you can easily bring your intentions to fruition.

Special Message for Stacey Kelly

We hope you felt Kellen’s warm and supportive energy throughout your time working together. Kellen is a cheerful helper, always eager to assist you in achieving your goals. We hope connecting with Kellen led you to a mindset of prosperity and abundance. Kellen is always available to support you whenever you’re seeking to manifest wealth, success, confidence, and bliss. We are here for you, and with you on your journey.


I open my heart to receiving endless abundance


Crystals fare best when they have a consistent opportunity to rest and re-energize in a process called “regeneration”. Use your intuition to choose the process and timing that most resonates with your relationship with Kellen. We do suggest to keep it alive at least during the change of seasons.

Elements bath - Sunlight or Moonlight frequencies amplify the natural vibrations of Crystals. Fresh water can transfer energies that need to be released. Soil allows minerals to recalibrate to the vibration of the Earth. Submerge your Crystal under your chosen element - whether it be a few minutes or even a full moon cycle.

Crystalline bath - Crystals can regenerate by being placed on other Crystals such as Kyanite or natural Citrine for 24 hours.

Breath/Meditation bath - Intentional breathing through meditation or any healing art is another restorative technique. As you breathe, imagine a ray of light passing through your Crystal, collecting what is no longer needed, and moving it back into the divine Universe.

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