Personally prepared for Peggy Dulany and Synergos



Green Tourmaline and Mica on Albite




Water, Earth


Heart-Centered Strength, Compassion, Healing, Patience

History & Lore

The name Tourmaline comes from the word "turmali," the name given to crystals found on the island of Sri Lanka during the late 1600s. Dutch traders originally used Tourmaline to pull ash from Meerschaum pipes. Today, among other things, Tourmaline is used in electrical tuning circuits because high frequencies can be passed through the stone without harming it.

Qualities & Uses

The Green Tourmaline in Ubuntu encourages a heart-centered approach to life. Its green crystalline energy easily harmonizes with the human heart, guiding us toward inner peace where we feel whole, balanced, and stable. From this perspective, Green Tourmaline reminds us that true strength and courage are found through the compassion of a tender heart, where we can approach ideas, people, and opportunities with openness and patience. The Green Tourmaline is embedded into beautiful Albite, which supports the mind with insight, inspiration, and the tools to create solid and focused intentions. The shiny Mica in Ubuntu amplifies the energies of this Crystal to focus the heart's strength and desire into aligned and meaningful action.


The name Ubuntu means “humanity” and comes from the Bantu languages of Southern Africa. It is often translated as “I am; because of you” or “humanity towards others.”

Special Message for Peggy and Synergos from Ubuntu

Crystals are here to serve humanity as tools of divine knowledge and portals for expanded wisdom and inspiration. With a clear intention to serve Synergos, we have been programmed to heal and serve Africa and those seeking balance through equanimity. Respectfully, we can also serve in many other multidimensional ways.


With respect to our guardian Peggy and the overall support from her team, we do invite you to work with us as follows.


Our colors serve as two different vortexes. The color “Green” is for opening the human heart and what we would call “Incandescent or Gold” energy is for a clear mind and clear intention. We recognize you like to name mineral specimens Tourmaline etc, but we prefer to direct energy through the reverberating properties of color.


For the purpose of positive application, the Green energy can be used singularly by holding the free form piece of Green crystal or wand as follows. Place the Green crystal in your right hand and imagine its energy moving up towards your heart, the color will bring clearing and expanding energy. If you hold the free form Green crystal in your left hand, the Green energy will ground you, and open the heart to receive the knowledge or answer to a specific inquiry or intention you may have.


For an overall experience using both crystal colors, place your right hand on the top of the crystal with your right thumb placed upon the Green crystal second down from the top. This will give you the opportunity to blend the color of both energies present. This calming and awareness practice is particularly helpful if you are dealing with singular-minded resistance from others or ego-based energy. If you need to clear specific energy, then at the same time remove the small piece of free form Gold crystal from the top and hold it in your left hand. If you ask the crystals’ Green and Gold energy as a whole to convert all polluting energy or stagnation into positive free and flowing energy, the color properties present can assist you.


Manifesting dreams is a form of creative collaboration with the Universe in all things. The singularly most important aspect to manifesting is having an open heart that is free of limiting potential. For example, if you ask us to serve a specific project as follows, “This is an urgent matter please help.” The forces that be will not find an access point to your heart. If, on the other hand, you ask for the same intention as follows: “There is an opportunity for global healing in this way… and if you are able to streamline the envisioned outcome or something preferable, we (Peggy or Synergos) would be most grateful.” Through this form of practice, you can recognize flow comes from the responsibility of seeking wisdom through an open heart with clear intent.


Secondly, flow is a very exciting frequency that resides in the green healing properties of the human heart. So if you find yourself very inspired to make a change you see as plausible and in the highest alignment, take action by placing the free form Green crystal wand into the cavern in the free form Gold crystal and cover the entire crystal overnight (brown or midnight blue velvet will work nicely). What your action will do is activate our capacity to draw upon all healing light available to transmute all energy that may be resistant or unaware of the intrinsic value of your desired change. When healing intention is collectively released in this manner, it serves at the highest level.


We are not opposed to travel or change, but our overall preference is to be linked to Peggy, as she is our primary caretaker or guardian. Respectfully, we are happy to serve Peggy as a whole and the Synergos team as an extension of Peggy’s vision. With respect to our vulnerability and individual pieces of crystal that come together as a whole, we ask that awareness is present during travel.


As a bringer of imminent change, Peggy will span the Earth many times bringing goodwill and ambassadorship to many others. From this place of nobility and change and with insightful attention towards humility among nations, it is our honor to serve you Peggy, and we thank you one thousand fold.


There is a vast amount of information that can be shared through the written word. If we can serve with further insights on any level, we are happy to serve.




Crystals fare best when they have a consistent opportunity to rest and re-energize in a process called “regeneration”. Use your intuition to choose the process and timing that most resonates with your relationship with Ubuntu.

Elements bath - Moonlight frequencies amplify the natural vibrations of Crystals. Fresh water can transfer energies that need to be released. Soil allows minerals to recalibrate to the vibration of the Earth. Submerge your Crystal under your chosen element - whether it be a few minutes or even a full moon cycle. Please do not leave Tourmaline in water for extended periods of time, as this can damage the Crystal.

Crystalline bath - Crystals can regenerate by being placed on other Crystals such as Kyanite or natural Citrine for 24 hours.

Breath/Meditation bath - Intentional breathing through meditation or any healing art is another restorative technique. As you breathe, imagine a ray of light passing through your Crystal, collecting what is no longer needed, and moving it back into the divine Universe.

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